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On this page, there are some answers to your questions that you might think about the ORİBAZ E-Export Panel.

ORİBAZ e-Export Panel serves for all manufacturers in Turkey and wholesalers/suppliers located outside Turkey that has a forward-looking vision for the global sales network.

The main duty of the dealers of ORİBAZ is to represent and promote the ORİBAZ e-Export Platform in the countries where they are located.

Other duties of our dealers; is to collaborate with the Chambers of Commerce in their countries, increase its potential customers by organizing various seminars, to keep the customer portfolio up-to-date, and to carry out supply-demand activities between the seller and the buyer in their country.

NO, ORİBAZ provides export services by the market research with franchises of manufacturers in Turkey and expands their customer portfolio.

ORİBAZ has an agreement with ARKAS Logistics Services. Logistics services are provided in all transportation services by land, air, sea, and train.

ORİBAZ has agreement with SELTAŞ Customs Consultancy that provides all customs clearance of goods of ORİBAZ with its professional team.

Manufacturers who are operating in many different sectors in Turkey, could not find the desired market due to a lack of language support which makes them missing from the overseas market. ORİBAZ solves these problems and provides all the services such as promotion, marketing, logistics, customs clearance, payment process management, overseas market research of the manufacturing companies. In this way, the manufacturer company will be able to open up to the foreign market in an easy way and sells their products.

ORİBAZ asks some papers such as; a document that proves the production standard, product certification, and guarantee conditions, and also document indicating the production capacity and the sales prices of the products in the ORİBAZ export prices standard. An annual contract is made between the ORİBAZ and the manufacturer after all documents are provided by the manufacturer.

NO, ORİBAZ is not a virtual competing company and work with 2 manufacturers for each sector.

All guarantee terms of the products are determined by the manufacturer and support is provided. ORİBAZ accepts no liability for the guarantee of the products.

YES, all customers in abroad could order special products by contacting us through the panel which we call "customized order".

NO, ORİBAZ provides payment process and communicates with contracted banks which are warrantors. ORİBAZ does not accept any liability about payment warrantors.

As a requirement of its working system, ORİBAZ does not give any promise to sell /guarantee to its manufacturers. However, ORİBAZ investigates and represents your foreign market share with dealerships for you during agreement. The probability of selling will be high, as long as there is a direct proportion between the price and quality of the products.

No, all communications are done via e-mail. Any information written via e-mail considered correct and can be used legally in any case.

YES, the brands of all our manufacturers included in our platform will be shown in the Brand Slider on the main page of the ORİBAZ Panel.

Yes, manufacturing companies can show the annual contract cost as an expense.

The company located in Sakarya due to a majority of our employees live in Sakarya. In the upcoming period, our offices will be placed in Istanbul and other provinces.