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BL502 2K Liquid Membrane - ORİBAZ Export

BL502 2K Liquid Membrane

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Waterborne, bitumen-rubber based, double Component Liquid Membrane

As it is elastic and quick-dry, sticking strongly to the surface, Tesla Master BL 502 2K  forms a layer which is elastic  and resistant to water and moisture. Tesla Master BL 502 2K is a waterproofing material which has component with 22 kg liquid and 8 kg fiber-supported in polyethylene bucket.

Application Areas

Tesla Master BL 502 2K is used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces, foundation insulation and insulation of water leakage in wet areas such as bathroom, kitchen, toilet. It is used with equipment like waterproofing mesh with high alkaline resistance on cracked surfaces or in the insulation application where resistance to higher water pressure is required.

Surface Preparation

Application  surface should be free from dust, dirt, rust and oil and the loose parts should be scraped. For good adhesion, a layer of bitumen primer should be applied to the concrete surfaces as a primer before application. Spikes should be rounded and areas suitable for cracking, such as horizontal / vertical joints, should be angled with waterproofing tape. Large pores and cracks should be filled with joint sealant.


Tesla Master BL 502 2K is cold applied. The powder component in the bag is added into the liquid component in the bucket and  mixed with a low-speed mixer until no lumps remain. After mixing, it is applied with a bitumen brush or trowel. Depending on weather conditions, it dries for about 6 to 8 hours. It is applied on moist but not wet surfaces. It should not be applied in rainy weather or at temperatures below +5°C. The other layer should not be applied before one layer is completely dry.


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Shelf Life / Storage

Protect from frost. Shelf life is up to 12 months in unopened and original packaging. The date of manufacture is on the packaging.

Consumption / Packaging

1,50 - 2kg/m2. (total for 2 layers)

22+8 kg polyethylene buckets


Keep out of reach of children (S2). Eyes and skin must be protected in all chemical studies (S24/25). Wear suitable gloves and goggles while working (S36/39).

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