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Sheathing Mesh - 75gr - ORİBAZ Export

Sheathing Mesh - 75gr

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Plaster mesh is the carrier reinforcement material which is obtained by weaving glass fiber with high alkaline resistance and then coating it with glue resin.

It is a product made of glass wool that is used with plaster mortar on insulation plate in sheathing applications.

Application Areas

Plaster mesh is generally used as carrier reinforcement in sheathing thermal insulation. In all sheathing thermal insulation applications, it is necessary to use the sheathing plaster mesh with the highest quality and long lasting alkali resistance.

 Plaster mesh is also used ;

  • as a carrier and anti-screed cracks in screed applications that will be applied on floor.
  • as gypsum plaster carrier on interior facades.
  • as carrier reinforcement mesh for coarse applications on interior and exterior facades as it is alkali resistant.
  • as plaster reinforcement under insulation products such as asmolen polystyrene in concrete trays.
  • as carrier reinforcement in glass mosaic materials.

NOTE: The price is valid for 50 m.


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