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BRT300 Primer for Exposed Concrete - ORİBAZ Export

BRT300 Primer for Exposed Concrete

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Primer for Exposed Concrete

It is a solvent-free, acrylic-based, adherence-enhancing surface primer material for exposed concrete.

Application Areas:

It is used as a primer in ceiling plasters to increase adherence of plaster, lime and cement based plaster mortars to the exposed concrete surface and vertical walls and ceilings.


It is ready to apply. After diluting at 20-30% , it must be mixed very well and applied. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray method. It is not recommended to apply in rainy weather and at temperatures below +5C.


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Surface Preparation

The layers that will reduce adherence such as dirt, rust, cement residue, oil, bleeding should be completely cleaned before application.


4 - 6 m2 surface can be primed with 1 Kg depending on surface absorbency and roughness. To determine the exact consumption, application must be done on the surface.


It is ready to use in 12 kg plastic package as liquid and produced red color. (contact your representative for different colors)


Keep out of reach of children (S2). Eyes and skin must be protected in all chemical studies (S24/25). Wear suitable gloves and goggles while working (S36/39).

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